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Janice Johnson Kuhn
1718 N. First Street
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Occupation Appraiser  
Experience President
Chestnut Court Appraisal Associates, Ltd.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Auction Galleries (MAG)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mount Mary College
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Auction Galleries, Inc
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  Junior Librarian
Milwaukee Public Library
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Education Ph.D COURSE WORK: History of Oriental Decrative and Fine Art, Disseration: Chinese Jade Motifs from the Shang to Chou Dynasty
University of Wisconsin-Madison
  MASTER of SCIENCE: History of Material Culture/Museum Management Thesis: Italian Renaissance Furnishing in the Villa Terrace Museum
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Family Resources and Consumer Science-Interior Design
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Affiliations*1999-Present, Business Agent for the Ernest L. Stevens , Foundation, Ltd
(non-profit to benefit indigenous people)
 *1993-Present, Secretary, Po'Davy Talent, Ltd. (non-profit to develop talent of inner-city children "Say No to drugs, No to violence and Yes to education")
 *1977-1993 Member, American Society of Appriasers (senior member 1981-91
 *1975-1992 Member, UWM Foundation Board of Directors
 *1964-1977 Member, UWM Women's League
 *1964-1977 Member, Friends of Art, Milwaukee Art Museum
 *1970-1977 Volunteer, History Dept. Milwaukee Public Museum
 *1974-1977 Catalogued Junkunc Collection of Oriental Art, MPM
 *1972-974 Founding member and President of UWM Board of Visitors
 *1971-1972 Vice President & President, UWM Women's League
 *1968-1970 Member, YMCA Board of Directors

Publications*1977-1989 Monthly Auction Catalogues for MAG
 *1981 LORE, The Essence of Heaven: Chinese Jades from the Shang-Chou Dynasty in the Milwaukee Public Museum
 *1977 The Paintings of Lousie Lemp Pabst, 1910-1977
 *1976 LORE, Chinese Paintings of the Sung Dynasty
 *1975 LORE, An Outline of the History of Chinese Ceramics as Illustrated in the Colection of the Milwaukee Public Museum

Lectures*1977 The History of Blue and White Porcelains (with slides) From Queen Victoria-Her Influence on Decorative Arts
Italian Renaissance Furniture

Your Personal Property as a Tangible Asset (with McGeogh collection of Federal furniture and Dr. Wall porcelain slides)
The Shakers-An All-American Original

Awards*1999 PHILO AWARD, "Best Program of the Year", Gaugoin in Martinque
 *1977 TWO PHILO AWARDS, Museum Without Walls, "Most Innovative Program" for Albert Bierstadt in Wisconsin and "Best Ethnic Cultural Program" for Asian Moon Festival
 *1995 Honorable Mention, HOMETOWN AWARDS, Boston, MA
 *1994 PHILO AWARD Museum Without Walls, "Best Series of Community Interest"

Other*1998-Present, Race Unity Media Representative, Baha'i Teaching Office, Baha'i National Center, Evanston, Illinois
 *1996-Present, Media Representative, Milwaukee Baha'i Community
 *1994-96, Chairman, Teaching Committee, Milwaukee Baha'i Community
 *1993-Present, Producer, Milwaukee Access Telecommunications Authority, Channel 14/96

Appraisals Include the estates of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, Louise Lemp Pabst, Peg Bradley (Mrs. Harry Lynde), H.F. Johnson, Uihlein, Sneil, Friend, Van Dyke, Miller, Asmuth, Sensenbrenner, Bergstrom, Kohler, Dr. Jackson and others; The Milwaukee Club, The University Club, The Wisconsin Club; the Kenosha Art Museum, The Wisconsin Martime Museum, the Rahr-West Museum, the Paine Arboretum & Art Museum, the Leigh Yawkee Woodson Museum, The Wisconsin Historical Society Museum, The Milwaukee Country Historical Museum, the Elvehjem Museum, the Laird Collection of Marshfield Clinic and others.

Corporate collections include Arthur Anderson, Maxter, Blue Shield, Wisconsin Electric, Firstar Corp., N.A. and others.
Historic documents include the Bremer diary, Governor Kohler papers, the Jeramiah Curtin collection and others.
Private collections include art works by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Caravaggio, van Dyke, Goya, Rubens, Durer, Rembrandt, Coustable, Corot, Moran, Bierstadt, Sargent, Cassatt, Renoir, van Gogh Gauguin, Monet, Giacometti, Picasso, Calder, Frankenthaler and

ARTISTIC MERIT:                                                                                                                                                                                                   These miniature sculptures appear to be fabricated by an artisan of exceptional skill with unusual attention to every detail. It is probably impossible to find another artisan who would be willing or able to replicate these works. According to a silversmith at Niederkorn Silver Gallery, in Philadelphia, such an artist, if available, would charge between $200 - $500/hour to replicate these works. Beverly Bremer Silver Shop in Atlanta, GA reports that the average price for a silversmith for repairs is $100/oz. Michael J. Dotzel & Sons in New York, NY report an average price of $250 - 275/hour for expert work.  



 SUBJECT MATTER:Miniatures in any category are commanding ever increasing prices, both retail and at auction. Since the advent of the "TITANIC" film, the general interest in maritime art has been exceptionally high, with record prices reported at auction. These pieces then, would combine the interest in maritime art and the interest in collecting miniatures in general.  




These works of art cannot be valued by the previous sales of the artist, as there does not appear to be any record of the artist or a listing of his previous sales.  


These miniature sculptures are contemporary works of art of historic vessels which have a very significant interest to collectors throughout the world.



They purportedly are original works of art in 18k yellow gold and platinum. Study models were purportedly fabricated in brass. It is highly unlikely that they could be reproduced by another artisan.


CONDITION: From the photographs and the report done in 1993, it appears that the miniatures are in mint condition.   

PLATINUM $484,00/ troy oz.
GOLD $300.20/troy oz.
SILVER $ 4.43/troy oz

average of gold and platinum price x approximate dwt $  53,756.91
cost of artisan to reproduce works  
@$100/oz. - $1,371.000. or more likely  
@$300/hr. x 9,720 hrs approx. for skilled artisan $2,916.000.00
Estimated Total Replacement Value $2,969.757.00